February 25 2020
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About us
Playing at TuLoto.com is equivalent to doing it at any Lottery Administration. We offer the same guarantees and a greater number of services. Here are the advantages of betting on TuLoto.com:

-We are open 24 hours a day

You decide when and where you want to place your bets or participate in the available Slots. No more walks to the nearest administration, queues, rush ... TuLoto allows you to play your bets and lottery conveniently and safely from home, office or wherever you want. No boat or lottery will be lost.

-We sent your E-mail your scanned play

After placing your bet, you will receive an email with the details of your bet. As soon as we validate your order, and always before the Sweepstakes played, we will send you your official Ticket scanned so that you have the proof and the security that we have validated your order.

-Results and Scrutinies of your plays

Once you have officialized the results of the Sweepstakes in which you participate, we will send you an email with the scrutiny of your bets, winning combination and the prizes obtained.

-Instant winnings of your Virtual Account Awards

At the same time we send you the results, we automatically pay your prizes for your Tuloto.com Account.

-Your prizes do not have an expiration date.

At Tuloto.com your prizes never expire. After the scrutiny of the Sweepstakes played, you will have at any time of the prizes obtained.

-You can subscribe to your favorite plays

Do not worry about making your favorite bet every week. Just dial your favorite numbers and check the box 'Paid to this Combination' at the bottom of the Ticket. They forgot to validate their bets, lose their favorite tickets ...

-100% Safe and Reliable

TuLoto.com uses the same standards in the exchange of economic data as the banks. We work with first class banking entities.

All your Data and transactions are under Secure Server Protocol. (This can be checked in the address bar: The 's' after http in the address bar, which certifies that the web is secure. Also check that a padlock appears at the bottom of your browser). We have the Thawte Security Certificate.
We also have the Seal of Confidence Online, which certifies that you can browse, buy and share information with complete confidence and security.


-We do not charge any commission either for validating your bets or for the prizes obtained.

TuLoto.com guarantees that:

• All your bets without any expense or commission.
• Tuloto.com guarantees that your prizes are transferred to your bank account at no cost to you as well as guaranteeing the full payment of the total prize.
• TuLoto.com guarantees full payment of your prize.
• Tuloto.com guarantees complete confidentiality of your data as an award winner on our website.

-Attention in the Service, Confidentiality, Security and Work.

For TuLoto.com, your privacy is of vital importance, and in this sense we assure you its absolute confidentiality. We comply with the current legislation regarding the protection of personal data (LOPD), we will never transmit your data to third parties. Your prizes and movements will be treated with absolute discretion.

TuLoto.com has an optimal infrastructure to ensure that the system and all its movements are as safe and fast as possible. As a user, once registered, your movements are hosted on secure servers, so that the confidential information of your account is transmitted with absolute privacy.


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